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Monica Richards — EIL Scholar/Teacher

The Resources for the Learning and Teaching of English. . .Worldwide site (Relate Worldwide) is an EIL/EFL/ESL resource repository developed and curated by Monica Richards (Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Technology from Iowa State University). Monica is passionate about research-grounded teacher-training and CALL (computer-assisted language learning) materials development.

Monica’s research interests are eclectic, motivated by her continued discovery of gaps in the EIL/EFL/ESL research literature inhibiting English language teachers around the world, and particularly in China, from best helping their students acquire English most effectively, efficiently and independently. Monica’s Ph.D. dissertation focused on developing an English Word Stress Error Gravity Hierarchy to predict the differential intelligibility effects of English language learner word stress violations on native and non-native listeners.

Monica’s teaching experience includes the teaching of a wide variety of English courses to nonnative English-speaking Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s degree students as well as working professionals at Iowa State University in the U.S. and Xiamen Educational College in Xiamen, China. Additionally, Monica has led teacher-training workshops in Sumatra, Indonesia, and taught teaching (as well as pronunciation and general public speaking) skills to nonnative English-speaking graduate/postgraduate “teaching assistants” from many Iowa State University majors.

If you have comments or questions regarding any of the resources available via Relate Worldwide, please feel free to comment below or contact Monica at http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardsmonica or monicagr@iastate.edu. Thanks for visiting Relate Worldwide!


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