Foreign to Familiar

 (Preface, Introduction & Chapter 1: Hot- vs. Cold-Climate Cultures)

the book Foreign to Familiar

After reading Foreign to Familiar’s preface, introduction and chapter 1 (pp. 7-21), respond to one or more of the following questions based on 1) what you’ve read and 2) your personal observation, experience, and opinions:

  1. Describe how you think the steps for responding to an offer of a cup of coffee/tea/etc. in your culture are similar to or different from the steps for responding to an offer of a cup of coffee/tea in 1) Aida’s Palestinian Arab culture and 2) U.S. culture?
  2. Based on Aida’s story, do you think spending more time in a foreign culture automatically results in understanding of that culture? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think your home culture is more “hot-climate” or more “cold-climate” than Ames? (Or do you think your home culture and Ames are similar in “climate” like the hot-climate Philippines was similar to Wanda’s hot-climate southern U.S. home?) In what ways?
  4. Describe a time when you were hurt by misunderstanding U.S. or another foreign culture (e.g., like Aida, or the hot-climate Nepalese and their cold-climate northern European colleagues, or the African woman who worked as a United Nations director in Switzerland).


Foreign to Familiar — Preface, introduction and chapter 1 — pp. 7-21 (Estimated time required: 2 hours) — No Comments

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