Have strong listening ability

  • Your English listening ability appears strong ☺
  • You clearly have good English listening ability ☺
  • The way you responded to student questions, etc., demonstrates you have good English listening skills for the American English context as well as that you respect your students ☺ (You also demonstrated good listening skills in your OPI ☺)
  • Overall, your English listening ability appears strong (though you apparently had some trouble understanding OPI question #3. . . . However, after you understood it clearly, you were able to answer it directly ☺)

Handled listening difficulties gracefully

  • You also handled any listening problems you had in your OPI gracefully and naturally ☺.


Didn’t understand interlocutor

Self-identifies listening problems

Developing lecture-listening proficiency

  • Yes, TED is an excellent English resource. . . .especially for anyone who wants to improve their non-conversational English listening and/or learn what techniques they can use to give outstanding presentations at department seminars or conferences ☺. Also, TED talks are mostly very interesting!


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