“Thinking in English” Proficiency

  • Your OPI content was good ☺
  • In your OPI, you provided good reasons and details to support your ideas ☺
  • In question 3 of your OPI, you did a good job of arguing for your opinion, e.g. by providing several detailed examples☺
  • You demonstrated good proficiency at carrying on a conversation during the role play part of the OPI, including providing details to support your ideas ☺

Overall Comprehensibility


  • You were generally easy to understand during your TEACH exam ☺
  • Except in terms of the grammar and pronunciation errors noted below, you were generally easy to understand ☺


  • Multiple raters summarized your OECT basically as follows: “He had a lot to say and his responses were quite detailed, including many ideas. [Unfortunately,  he has some] grammar errors and consistent pronunciation errors that he still needs to work on improving for better comprehensibility.”

Overall Poise

  • You seemed comfortable talking in English ☺


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