Analyze2Imitate: Ending Consonants

If your OECT Feedback indicates you frequently omit final consonant sounds:

  1. Find a TED Talk (e.g. from Monica’s list of recommended 3-minute TED Talks) or a Newsy report you find interesting.
  2. Select the transcript text with your mouse and click “Ctrl + C” to copy it. Paste your copied text into a Microsoft Word or other document by clicking Ctrl + V.
  3. Watch the TED talk at least twice, inserting “/” where the speaker makes a short pause and inserting “//” where the speaker makes a long pause. (Use pencil if you do this with a printed transcript, so you can easily fix mistakes!)
  4. Read through the talk, highlighting all final consonant sounds like in the example below:

When you see / a diagram like this, / I don’t want you to be afraid. I want you to be excited. I want you to be relieved. / Because / simple answers may emerge. / We’re discovering in nature that / simplicity often lies / on the other side of complexity. So for any problem, / the more you can zoom out / and embrace complexity, the better chance you have / of zooming in / on the simple details / that matter most. (Eric Berlow: Simplifying Complexity, TED)


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