Excellent /i/ vs. /I/ demo lesson

from “Best Accent Training”

Charles Becker, the developer of “Best Accent Training” mp3 lessons, aims specifically to help English learners acquire the pronunciation features of American English. However, some features of American English pronunciation can actually reduce your understandability to others who speak English as a second (or third, or fourth, or. . . ) language! Therefore, if your primary goal in learning English is to use it as a lingua franca (=shared language) with other nonnative speakers, the helpful lessons in “Best Accent Training” will be those dealing with syllable stress, vowel tenseness vs. relaxedness, and consonants (except “th,” the “l” at the end of words, and the American “t” that sounds like “d”). (The lessons on the consonant exceptions listed above, on intonation, on reduced forms, and on connected speech will probably not help you and may even hurt how well other nonnative English speakers understand your English!!!) (Jenkins, 2000)


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