Feedback Master:

Professional Email Portfolio” Final Drafts

Please find my final feedback on your English 101D Professional Email Portfolio as well as my explanation of your final grade of 100% for this assignment at URL

X, I’m not seeing any updated subject line for your revised email, so I’m afraid I need to give you the same feedback and grade I gave for this on your original email ☹:






Your corrected email is basically perfect!!!☺ Its only (minor!) error is . . . . Maybe you were mixed up about . . .? Can you figure out why this is an error? (If not, please ask me!☺)

Your corrected version has only two, relatively minor errors, namely that. . . . Can you figure out why? (If not, please ask me!)

Actually, the problem with “X” in your previous email’s “Y” is that you needed either to say “A” or “B” — can you figure out why based on. . .?

Anyway, I’m definitely satisfied you now know how to communicate professionally via email☺

Anyway, I’m nevertheless adequately satisfied you know how to communicate professionally in English via email and have therefore adjusted your email portfolio grade as follows:

  • Previous grade: 76%
  • Current grade (previous grade + 1/2 of all missing points) = 88%




Your corrected “Acceptance of Delayed Application” email is definitely better than before. However, . . . .

Finally, using. . ., can you figure out why your “X” should be “Y”?

I’m afraid I’m still not convinced of your ability to write effective and successful professional emails in English, so I don’t feel I can yet justifiably give you back half of your missing points as I would like to do. Can you please apply my feedback above so I can add to your score the remaining half of your originally missing points? Thanks!

  • Previous grade: 52%
  • Current grade: 62%
  • Final grade: ?


P.S. Please also check your spacing. . . .



I’m trying to check your resubmitted email portfolio, and although I’m very glad to see your submission now actually includes all three emails required by our course website’s email portfolio assignment directions and syllabus, I’m afraid I really can’t see how your “corrections” of your originally submitted email actually correct the errors mentioned in the feedback I gave ☹

However, if at all possible, I still very much want to give you back half of your missing email portfolio assignment points, as I promised for quality resubmissions, because I don’t want your grade for this assignment to dramatically lower your English 101D grade, as it currently will (since your English 101D grade will of course be part of your Iowa State University transcript forever!).

Therefore, so I can give you the highest grade I can possibly justify, please submit a revised version of your original email (that actually applies the feedback I gave you on your original email submission!) ASAP. (Or, if you can’t understand any part of my feedback, please ask me about it in class on Tuesday, and then submit your corrected email as soon as possible after that.) Thanks!

  • Previous grade: 14%
  • Current grade: 64% (because all three emails required by our course website’s email portfolio assignment directions and syllabus have now been submitted)
  • Final grade: ?




Finally, I’m afraid I made an error in my comment below that confused you ☹. I wrote:


What I should have written is:


I’m so sorry!


Thanks for resubmitting your three “Professional Email Portfolio” emails. I’m afraid that to be consistent with how I’ve graded the final “Professional Email Portfolio” submission for the rest of your classmates, I can only “regrade” your email that I originally graded. . . .but in fact, I’m very glad you edited all three based on my feedback because I’m sure you learned more that way than you would have otherwise ☺



Let me explain to you my plans for when I’ll provide feedback on your research article introductions nor the rationale behind my intended timing. My goal in having you submit your initial research article introduction drafts to me a few weeks ago was to ensure that you would have a COMPLETE research article introduction with which you could practice applying each of the last few weeks’ various self-editing skills training activities. The “second” rough draft due last week therefore could realistically be expected to instantiate your current English-101D-trained level of English self-editing proficiency — and therefore to provide a good measure of whether/to what extent you’ll likely need to hire an editor for your future English research writing. (If I had provided feedback BEFORE allowing you to practice systematically applying each of the last few weeks’ self-editing activities on your own, I would have prevented you from being able realistically to “test” your current UNAIDED self-editing proficiency — Make sense?)

I hope to provide each of you feedback on your research article introductions within the next 3 weeks. (Unfortunately, I’m now in the middle of my written prelim, which is scheduled to end December 11th and don’t think it’s probably realistic for me to hope to provide feedback to all of your research article introductions before submitting my prelim :(). I plan for our last assignment of the semester to be your submitting a final revised research article introduction based on my feedback (which per our syllabus will determine your final grade for this assignment).

It has just occurred to me that some of you may have been more careless in self-editing your “second” research article submission than you would have been if you had known earlier that one of my major goals for this submission is to provide you a realistic measure of your potential need of an English editor for your future English research writing! If that’s the case and you want to do a more thorough self-editing job (so that my feedback on this “second” submission need ONLY be about error types you’re unlikely to be able to catch by yourself without an English editor’s help so you can best assess whether/the extent to which you might need future editing help), please feel free to resubmit a more carefully-checked “second” submission any time this week. I plan on providing feedback to the latest draft I’ve received.


Dear English 101D Students,

Just one more “administrative” email to let you know my plans for the rest of our semester 🙂

As you may perhaps have guessed, we’re not going to be able to complete all assignments listed on our syllabus in quite the way I’d originally intended — we’re running out of time! 🙂 Specifically, we unfortunately won’t have time to do the”Methods (a.k.a. Procedure/Experiments/Simulation/Model, etc.) (≈a sequence)” assignment originally planned as being worth 0-10% of your final grade and the “Abstract (≈ a summary)” assignment originally planned as being worth 10% of your final grade. To make up for our not doing the Methods section assignment, I plan to allot the 30% maximal value originally listed on our syllabus for the “Minor Assignments” component of your final English 101D grade. To make up for our not doing the “Abstract (≈ a summary)” assignment, I plan to provide you feedback based on your “Test your summary-writing ability by summarizing a video addressing the question “What is Power Distance?” submission (unfortunately probably not until after I turn my written prelim December 11th :)), which you will then be able to revise based on my feedback.

My scheduling plan for the few weeks of English 101D remaining after Thanksgiving Break is basically as follows:

  • Week #14: English 101D course evaluation, Presenting your research/field to an audience of outsiders — 1) English 101D course evaluation, 2) 3MT prep, 3) presentation videorecording and 4) feedback on your classmates’ presentations (You’ll discover you can learn just as much from giving feedback to/receiving feedback from your classmates’ presentations as you can from preparing your presentation and receiving teacher feedback. When, for example, 6 classmates independently give you basically the same comment regarding one of your presentation strengths or weaknesses, you’ll realize you really DO have this presentation strength. . . .or presentation weakness!!! And you’ll know for sure this is something you want to continue doing or work hard NOT to continue doing for future presentations!)
  • Week #15 Preparing for the job market in English
  • Week #16 (finals week): Revising your 1) English 101D research article introduction and 2) “Test your summary-writing ability by summarizing a video addressing the question “What is Power Distance?” assignments based on my feedback for a potential score of up to 100%

Hope all of you are able to make a little time for fun as well as (lots of?) English 101D and other coursework/research work this week! 🙂