Miscellaneous RWT Questions for Elena/Ideas for additional English 101D Introduction Unit Assignments

1) In CyWrite, write a rough draft of your research article introduction (ideally of approximately the same length as the quality RWT introductions in your field, but minimally at least one paragraph). For now, ignore CyWrite’s grammar and stylistic feedback. Your only goal for today is simply to complete a solid rough draft of your introduction. (FYI: To serve CyWrite’s academic writing research goal and minimize plagiarism, CyWrite prevents copy-and-paste into its editor. Therefore, don’t try to write your introduction in another Google doc or elsewhere to then paste into CyWrite. It won’t work.

2) Check your rough draft in light of CyWrite’s grammar and stylistic feedback. Remember this feedback is given by a machine, not a human, so check to see if it makes sense before applying it. Sometimes machines (even CyWrite ☹) are wrong!

1) Read pp. 15-24 “Writing Task: Build a Model” in Science Research Writing, adding any notes on this that you think likely to help you write a top-quality research article or thesis introduction to your Introduction — General Notes or other relevant documents. Are you noticing similarities between this and what you’ve learned from RWT? (Estimated time required: 1.5 hours)

6) In light of your Step 5 findings, arrange/outline your “My English 101D Introduction” notes in a logical order following the norms of your field (Estimated time required: 30 minutes)

Can you please make Kimberly’s lectures and all other non-locked-down RWT content publicly available on a sister site? This is valuable stuff!!! (Also, FYI: WordPress allows for “pretty” permalinks at Settings -> Permalinks (I use “Post name”) described http://www.wpexplorer.com/change-permalinks-wordpress/. Search engines and external websites can be directed to the new URL (and be informed that the change is permanent via the Simple 301 Redirects plugin — I’m also wondering why you don’t use a fully informative base URL such as https://rwt.vrac.iastate.edu/ (or even better, rwt.iastate.edu if allowed by Iowa State’s Office of Information Technology — http://www.trademark.iastate.edu/policy/?)


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